Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Life is Worth Living Just because He Lives

God isn’t who you think He is. He’s just not. The sooner you get that into your system, the better off you’ll be.  You may have a closer-to-accurate view of Him than some, but I guarantee you are not fully correct.
He is so far outside the box… The more I walk with Him, and even in the times that I’ve walked away from Him, I become more and more aware of the fact that I cannot even begin to comprehend Him.

For starters, I think I sort of understand how Job felt. Granted, I haven’t lost my already non-existent spouse and children. Haven’t lost all of my earthly possessions and haven’t been riddled with a physical illness so horrifying that people cringe at the sight of me and I scrape at my skin with broken clay pots (which, let’s face it, I probably broke them out of despair… but of course they weren’t mine, because I lost all my earthly possessions. But, wait, I didn’t.)

So you may be wondering how I can even begin to compare myself to Job then. And to that I say; Hey, hey now. I didn’t say I was like him. Just that I kind of know how he may have felt. In the process of all that happening, I would imagine the most prevalent emotions would be those of feeling as though your world is falling apart around you and you can’t stop it, and realizing your utter dependence on a being that seems set on destroying you. Even though you know somewhere in you that God does not intend to destroy you (or does He?), you have to actively tell yourself this daily… hourly… sometimes constantly. The end of your trial, if it is near (which you doubt), is not visible. And in the process of all of this, you find yourself becoming a very different person. But then, perhaps you always were that person and it is just coming to surface.

My life has fallen apart the past few years. And by “life” I don‘t mean the exterior sense of physical stability for the most part. I do mean everything that I have ever placed any amount of worth or foundation in. My family; my parents are on the verge of divorce and have been for almost 3 years now. The circumstances that have played into this and the events that have occurred have opened my eyes to see the truth of my childhood. The childhood that I always looked back on fondly has been tainted. The foundation and pride that I had always placed in coming from a good, stable family? Shattered. It made me realize that the past actually can change. We cannot change it ourselves, but what we thought was, isn’t always.

I’ve also seen this process tear up those who are most important to me; my siblings. Another point of pride for me; my siblings and I were always upstanding, good examples. Not necessarily the case any longer.

Through this whole process I’ve found myself in a place I never imagined. I thought I had experienced and known brokenness at its deepest level. I was wrong. I have been shattered. Which, to be honest, is a bit terrifying to me. Because if I thought I was broken before and was wrong… I’m probably wrong this time too.

In addition to family issues, I’ve had the harshest of circumstances test my sense of value and worth in myself. Which, in reality, didn’t need to be tested, but rather, destroyed in its utmost. In preface to this next part, I need to clarify that the person (who shall remain nameless, though identity is likely known by several if not many) is not within my ill will at all. They remain a friend and I hold nothing against them.  Anyway, there was one who said he was my best friend. This person knew me better than almost anyone can claim to.  For a while we were inseparable (not exactly a wise idea for 2 members of opposite genders attempting a simple friendship). Quickly enough, though, that all went downhill. Without going into what actually happened, the result in me was as follows. Since this person undeniably knew me for who I really was more than all but 2 others and subsequently rejected me, I concluded subconsciously that who I am was not good enough and I would never be accepted in the fullness of who I am. This decimated me. And I’m not exaggerating there, I mean, pinned-me-to-the-bed-staring-into-space decimated. (I do so hope this person never actually reads this…. That would be the core definition of humbling if not humiliating).

All of that occurred within months of my family issues being initiated. Fun times, let me tell you.

This all called to question almost everything that I’ve ever stood upon when it comes to my faith. I struggled almost constantly for the first year with the question of whether God was really good. I knew the answer.. I did. But did I know it enough to stake my life on it? I think I can say now that then I didn’t. I once believed in His goodness, but my belief was coupled with naivety. I hadn’t really had to trust His goodness because I had always been able to easily see it. And in the dark that was my soul, I couldn’t see it. But what did Jesus say? “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet still believe”. I know He was speaking in a different context, but I think it applies just the same.

There came a day in this time, and I don’t remember the circumstances or the exact date or any of that fun stuff, but it occurred to me that if my circumstances were able to dictate any aspect of who God is (including His goodness), then how would that make Him God? In that moment I realized that I did believe that He is good. Simply because He says He is. And He cannot lie.

And this realization was followed in the months/years to come by several others. New revelations of God’s justice; the fact that we have already been subject to His judgment (on some level) through the sacrifice of Christ. If we have stepped under the authority of that sacrifice, we have stepped out of the condemning judgment of God. (That truth right there is enough to make praise well up in me to the point of overflowing!) His sovereignty is so much greater than we could ever imagine. I have set my worth securely in Him. Without Him, I am not good enough for anything or anyone. The hurts inflicted by my friend have been washed clean. My value is Christ.

So I suppose you’re wondering how this all ties into the first couple of paragraphs. And reasonably so. Basically, I’ve lived my entire life with preconceived ideas of my life, of God and of the way things are “supposed” to be. I was oh so wrong.

The latest revelation I’ve had I sent to Sarah in a text yesterday; “So I think I’ve decided that if God deemed it good to squish me for His glory… I would be ok with this…” Some flowers were made to remain whole and aesthetically pleasing, while others were created to be squashed so that their fragrance can permeate the senses of those around them.

God is not who you think He is.

He does what He knows to be best. And believe me, He does know best. It may hurt… but it’s very much worth it. The healing that comes after a brokenness that you have allowed to remain open to God’s healing hand instead of becoming bitter and trying to heal yourself is more complete than you can imagine.

I do not in any way think that this process is complete. In fact, I fear it is just beginning. But I do not doubt God. Not in the slightest. I have many faults and fears that still call me home. But I have full confidence that God will evict them in due time.
Me off.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My giraffe sighting for the day comes in the form of obnoxious. This is Sophie the Giraffe. She is a teething toy for children. She makes an awful squeeking noise when you so much as barely touch her. And the children I watch lov her... Yay me.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Nerdy Giraffe

I just encountered a Girrafarig pokemon. I think this counts as a sighting.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


So as every year begins to come to an end and a new one is about to begin, I try to write a blog or something of the sort in tandem with this event. This year I'm having a hard time thinking of what to talk about. I think this falls mainly to the reason that I don't really feel things ending or beginning with me. I am still very much in the middle of a process.

I'm fully aware that I have not updated this very much lately. This has largely to do with 2 different things. 1. I don't have regular access to a computer yet. And 2. I really don't have much that I want to or know that I can share.

A few years ago Dan Burgoyne (current pastor of NEO Church, but former pastor of 707) taught a series called "Counting Stars" at 707. It was based on the life of Abraham, who I've always related to for some reason. I had burned this series to CD back when he first taught it because it spoke to me so deeply. I recently started listening to them again. He talks about how our faith is going to be tested and is very applicable to every day life.

Anyway, listening to those teachings it felt like life was being imparted to me in ways that I haven't had in a really long time. So I decided to look up NEO Church and see if they had a podcast. They did. Apparently God really wanted me to hear about Abraham, because as it would happen, One of his more recent messages there was called "Outrageous Faith". Which ended up being basically the same stuff I have on cd, except deeper and more insightful.

A friend recently challenged me, too, that I'm really rather angr with God. This brought some interesting revelation to me. I realized that when someone is mad at God, but unwilling to admit this, their anger is redirected towards everyone else around them. Which isn't really fair because often times it comes out on people who haven't actually done anything to earn it.

On a kind of random note, it actually really bothers me when all of my paragraphs in a blog entry are of similar lengths.

As I look to the year ahead, it overwhelms me a bit. But at the same time, I have hope that it will bring some resolution and understanding of some things. Working 2 jobs takes up much of my time, but I'm working on finding some new boundaries on my time. I have an interesting situation going on with a fender bender I was in a couple years ago. Really, it could barely be called even a fender bender because there was literally no damage to either vehicle. Can't go into it right now, cause of different reasons, but its really a funny story that perhaps I can share some day. However, if whoever reads this could remain in prayer for God's favor with me in said situation, I would greatly appreciate it.

On an ending note, I love you all. I thank God regularly for the people I have in my life.

Me off!

Ps. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Theory time. I think that the reason men and women are attracted to one another is not in spite of the fact that they don't understand how the other thinks, but rather because of it. (Leaving homosexuality out of it for now.)

You see, a big reason I have a great dislike for girls in general is because I know how they think... and its not pretty all the time. But I do not understand all the time how guys process things, so they are much more fascinating.

That's my theory for the day. The end.